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24.01.2022 7:36pm, Paris, Francelive talk session


with Lucía Ríos-González & Jonny Tanner from Harlesden High Street a gallery project based in London - founded with the mission of facilitating access between experimental/outsider artists and the traditional gallery system by people of colour.


Friday, 28 January 2022, 12.30 pm London, 1.30 pm Berlin 

09.01.2022 6:32pm, Berlin, Germany :  live talk session


with Fredrik Tjærandsen, designer and artist based in London. The talk will be focused on Fredrik’s journey: starting off with his background, his student years at Central Saint Martins, his disruptive and unforgettable degree show, and finally his current projects and future plans. 

Sunday, 16 January 2022, 4pm London, 5 pm Berlin 

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“Such a great painting - so many things to explore - you keep on sinking into the details more and more. It is, but not solely, a beautiful study of colour. I was thinking that it could be a starting point for any designer looking for new inspiration for new colour combinations since you can see different ways of bringing colours and textures together in every corner of the painting. + one cannot ignore the title of the show // the title of the show makes me SMIIILLLLEEEE." 17.12.2021 in London.

Solo exhibition by Rachel Jones @jo.nesr - SMIIILLLLEEEE, until 5 February 2022
at Ropac Gallery, London Ely House @thaddaeusropac.


17.12.2021 5:34pm, Berlin, Germany : NEW UPCOMING live talk session with Stefania Bortolami, Gallerist, based in NY After a steep career in the blue chip world she opened her own gallery in NYC in 2005. 

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05.12.21 9:29pm, Kyiv, Ukraine : NEW UPCOMING online talk session with Johann König, Gallerist, based in Berlin. 15 December 2021, 11 AM London, 12 PM Berlin.                           

06.11.21 5:29pm : Watch this space, our podcast season 3 is starting soon...

19.08.21 2:08 pm : Blossoms blossoms blossoms on a rainy grey Parisian day. I thank Hirst today for bringing me back to cheerier weather. I don’t thank him for making me want to go to Japan in the spring though and reminding me I didn’t save enough for it yet. Why do I plan well except for faraway trips?


Is Art all Art is?


Art is all Art is.

But is all, Art?

Or is Art, all?

Art Thee, Art?

Art Thou, Art?


If all is Art

And Art is all

And thou art, Art,

Art thou, thus, all?


And if all, art all that is,

And if Art is all

And thou art, Art,

Then Art is all thou art.

And if all thou art, is Art

(Thus, Thou art all)

And if all thee art, is Art,

(Thus, Thee art all)

Art Art Art at all?

by Jack Sommerville

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